A Juicy Story

I was skimming the sports section of the News & Observer on Saturday when I came upon an incredible story buried on page 8. Here’s a good version.
The basic story is this, Mike Danton, a St. Louis Blues forward, was arrested for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill someone. He was arrested when he returned home from San Jose after the Blues were knocked out of the playoffs.
Now, usually when I read stories of people hiring hitmen the person they’re trying to kill is their spouse or lover (A note to all of my homicidal readers – this strategy never works. You either end up hiring an undercover FBI agent or you get Jim Bob, the crackhead carpenter who will botch the job, leave countless clues and then squeal on you at the slightest police pressure). Rae Carruth is an example. In this case though, it turns out that Danton wanted someone to whack a friend of his. A male friend. Hmmmm.
According the police report, Danton wanted to kill this guy because he thought his friend was going to talk to the Blues about Danton’s “promiscuity and use of alcohol,” ruining Danton’s career. Promiscuity and alcohol abuse? Those don’t ruin pro careers; they’re practically prerequisites.
Then, there’s this last part. After the police nabbed Danton, he broke down and cried, saying he wanted to kill his friend because he “felt the acquaitance was going to leave him.” Uh-huh.
I think it’s pretty clear what we have here. Danton is gay and he wanted to kill his lover because they had a fight and the other guy threatened to go public with their relationship.
Nothing would derail a pro career and stigmatize a pro athlete like being outed. Nothing. I think if you were found to have killed and eaten babies, but could stick the three or run a 4.2 40, you’d find a job (probably on the Portland Trailblazers). Openly gay? I don’t know. You had better be a superstar. Mike Danton is no superstar. But, he may become a sort of gay Jackie Robinson (but without the success and dignity).
This story could get huge.

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