Jeremy Bloom, My Favorite Ex-Buffalo

You remember Jeremy Bloom; he’s the exceptional athlete who is not only a world-class skier, but a member of the University of Colorado football team? Well, ex-member. He was recently told by the NCAA that he could no longer accept skiing endorsements and maintain his football eligibility. His endorsements are the only way he can afford to pursue his skiing, so to give them up would be to give up skiing. Mind you, a college football player can legally play professional baseball, but evidently taking your money from a sponsor is different than taking it from a professional team (who in turn makes money from sponsors). The sad thing is that Bloom obviously played football just for the love of the game, although he was very good at it.
Well, don’t be bitter. Jeremy isn’t. In fact, he wrote a nice little article thanking the NCAA for all they taught him.
And yes, my last paragraph and Bloom’s article are dripping with sarcasm.

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