Tony K On Les Boulez

When Tony Kornheiser is on his game, he’s as good and funny a sportswriter as there is. In today’s article, he’s on. Give it a read.
BrendaSide note: Did you see that “fight” between the Wizards and Bulls? What a joke. It started when Larry Hughes commited a horrible cheap shot by pushing Kirk Hinrich into Loul Deng while Deng was in the air for a layup. A terrible foul, as it was cowardly and really could have hurt Deng. The incident escalated when Brendan Haywood decided to sissy-punch Antonio Davis while Davis was looking the other way. Haywood then proceeded to run backwards away from Davis faster than I’ve ever seen Haywood move. Davis eventually caught him and pounded the bigger Haywood to the floor. Served him right. If only the big fella had landed on Larry Hughes, then all would have been equalized.