A Monument To Cheating

This is great. You may recall the hubub in the Show Me State when huge donors Bill and Nancy Laurie pitched in $25 million for the Mizzou basketball arena. The controversy wasn’t over the donation so much, but because the Lauries, Wal-Mart billionaires, decided to name the arena after their daughter! Yes, the new arena will be the Paige Sports Arena, named for Paige Laurie.
If that weren’t great enough on it’s own, there’s the little fact that Paige didn’t even go to Missouri. No, she recently attended and graduated from UCLA.
But wait, it gets better! It seems that Paige earned her degree in college largely by paying her former roommate over $20,000 to write all of her papers for her.
So, what you have now is a huge, new arena named after a young heiress who didn’t attend that school and who blatently cheated her way through the school she did choose to attend. Beautiful. Truth really is stranger than fiction.
A big thanks to Yoni for digging up this story and a bunch of relevent links.