NC State Cream Puffery

An astute reader of mine sent me an email this morning asking if NC State’s lofty #9 ranking wasn’t the result of some national pro-ACC bias. His argument is that while the Wolfpack began the season at #19, they’ve moved up ten notches while beating a whopping collection of nobodies. I checked it out and he’s right! Well, he’s right about the horrid schedule, not the pro-ACC conspiracy. You have to know this guy …
Anyway, for years, Herb Sendek took some heat for putting together schedule after schedule of Southeast Whatchamazoo States and Northern Technical State A&Ms. He claimed at the time that the team was rebuilding and that once established, they’d put together a schedule commensurate with their strength. OK, when’s that gonna happen, Herb?
The best team from a name perspective that State has played was Purdue, and State had to play them as part of the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. According to Ken Pomeroy’s computer rankings, the best team State played so far was Manhattan. Manhattan is ranked 106 by the Pomeroy Ratings.
In fairness, State does still have a game at Washington and one more at home against West Virginia. Both are decent games, but the only reason that’s even mildly acceptable is that the Huskies came out of nowhere last year to have a good team. Historically, they’ve been even worse than West Virginia, who has pretty much no post-Jerry West tradition.
Check this link to see in numbers just how bad State’s opponents have been. In seven games, four opponents have been ranked in the 200’s or worse.
Don’t be surprised if this team suddenly doesn’t look quite so good once the conference season starts. Duke and Wake Forest ain’t East Carolina and Liberty.