The Worst Football Fan In America

This story just boils my blood. Students of Texas A&M (the one in College Station, not the basketball powerhouse in Corpus Christi) were camped out in line for tickets to the Cotton Bowl. Some students had been in line for days. In the middle of the night, while most in line were sleeping, a woman walked by them all, right to the front of the line. When the angry campers awoke, they showed her the signup list that proved that she had not earned her spot. Her response? She ate the list.
Despite the ensuing mob anger, she ended up second in line and got her tickets. She even pressed assault charges against a guy who grabbed her by the wrist.
The woman, who for some reason is unnamed (she should be named and have her picture posted all around) claims that she did nothing wrong and was “right with God.” God refused to comment on the matter. The list-eater did add in her defense, “if they wanted a spot, they should’ve woken up.”
You can actually see her on video here.
Thanks to the Sports Frog for the story.