Two From Yoni

Yoni Cohen’s College Basketball blog is an amazing collection of links and stories from all over college basketball. I have no idea how he’s able to find so many stories from so many different sources. Hopefully Yoni’s a pseudonym so his employer can’t figure out what he’s doing with his time.
I get a decent amount of my stuff from him, but sometimes forget to give him credit for finding it. I’ll get it right this time.
Here are two goodies from Yoco.
Want an NCAA Championship ring? You just missed out on eBay auction for a 1992 Duke championship ring! Apparently Christian Ast tired of his (scroll down) or maybe he just has a nasty smack habit to feed. Either way, someone got a pretty nice souvenier for $8K.
Remember in The Godfather II when Michael Corleone has to have his brother Fredo whacked? Well, it seems that the Godfather of Quinn Snyder’s son paid for hundreds of “Hey Quinn… You’re Fired!” signs at Kansas last night. He says it’s all a misunderstanding. I say it’s pretty damn funny. You broke my heart, Quinn.

Cardiac Jackets?

I had a longer writeup of the weekend’s games in the works (meaning “in my head”), but time’s running out, so I’ll just do a quickie and get you the updated ratings chart.
I already wrote up my feelings about that Carolina-Virginia travesty. That article, as you might imagine, has gotten some attention. It seems that I touched a nerve and wrote what many people were feeling.
Two post-game quotes from the coaches in that game caught my attention. First was Pete Gillen blaming the loss on the fact that Virginia had played a game just two nights earlier. It wasn’t an excuse he explained, just “a fact.” He went to further justify the effort by saying that the sun was in the players’ eyes and their grandmothers had all just died.

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