Say Hello To My Little Friends

I’ll have a longer post this afternoon on the weekend games, but I thought I’d post some links to vids of Chris Paul’s love tap to Julius Hodge’s jewels.
I don’t really know the folks who are hosting these vids, or I’d give them credit.
In each case, it’s fairly obvious that Paul tried to cheapshot Hodge and just about as obvious that he was trying to get him in the balls. The best a Paul apologist could do is say that he was just trying to hit him in the midsection, not necessarily the nuts. Not much of a defense though, is it?
I didn’t see this happen live, as I only caught the last ten minutes of that game. I did wonder why State fans were booing Paul so loudly. Now I know why. He deserved it. I hope Prosser suspends him for Wake’s next game.

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