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I haven’t linked much to the Mid-Majority website (“blog” just doesn’t do it justice), largely because I just don’t have the time to read it. It’s a phenomenal site written by Kyle Whelliston about mid-major (duh) basketball programs. One of the guiding frameworks to the content of his site was Kyle’s quest to attend 100 mid-major hoops games this season. He completed that quest last weekend with Vermont’s loss to Michigan State. Kyle writes about that game (a little) and about the end of his road (a lot) in this great entry.
Like I said, the site is incredible. He’s a great and prolific writer and not a bad web designer either. From his post it sounds like he’s not sure what the future of his site is. To me, the obvious next step, and a great way to fund future efforts, is to compile all of his posts into a book. It would a Feinsteinian inside look at a full season at schools that don’t normally get much national attention. If the book managed to incorporate much of the look and feel of the site, it would be an awesome accomplishment.
When I read (and just look at even) the Mid-Majority, I’m glaringly reminded of the difference between an amateur (myself) and a pro (Kyle). His effort and output shame me.
BTW, don’t miss the great cartoon Kyle drew in honor of Julius Hodge. (another hat tip to Lorenzo Charles).
Update: The Sports Prof has a nice post about this as well.

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