Bubble Update

Maryland and Miami both blew their chances at an at-large bid yesterday. Miami was a bit of a long shot, but Maryland really only need to win one game to get in. They didn’t and they deserve to be left out, even though some people still think they have a shot.
A brief rundown of projections:
Dance Card – Georgia Tech in. NC State (ten teams to leap), Miami, Maryland and Virginia Tech all out.
Tony Mejia – GT in. State in if it wins today. Maryland, Miami and VT out.
Joe Lunardi – GT, MD and State (MD and State among last four in) all in. Miami, VT (among last four out) and sanity out.
ESPN.com – GT, MD, State and VT all maybes. Way to take stand, ESPN.
Yoni Cohen (when did he start writing for FoxSports?) – State, GT in with wins today. MD, Miami, VT out.
Stewart Mandel – State, GT in. MD, Miami, VT out.
Bottom line? The ACC still only has three bids wrapped up.
Georgia Tech will likely get in even with a loss today, but it’s not a lock.
State is almost certainly in with a win today.
Maryland doesn’t deserve it, but they could still get in if other bubble teams falter and no surprise teams get automatic bids.
Virginia Tech needs to win today and probably tomorrow too. In some projections, their only real shot is to win the ACC Tournament.
Miami is out.
Technically, Clemson and Virginia are still alive, but obviously they need to win the whole thing. If they do, stock up on dry goods, potable water and ammo because the End Days are near.

Final 2005 Prouty Ratings

I finally got the final Prouty ratings done for the 2005 season. I did some fancy cut’n and past’n to get stats from conference games only, which I think is the fairest way to compare performance. It was a bit of a pain, but I did it for you. You know why? Because I love you; that’s why.
You may have noticed that the team I picked for first team All-ACC was exactly the same as the official team. I said at the time that those five guys were pretty much no-brainers for the honor. Well, lo-and-behold, those five are the top finishers in the Prouty ratings as well. That’s a pretty good sign that the ratings are accurate. They should more-or-less match your subjective views.

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Thursday Links

There is so much going on this time of year that I get overwhelmed trying to decide what’s link-worthy. There are just too many good articles.
So, I’m gonna cheat and use someone else’s list. Check out the ACC BasketBlog’s Thursday links for a good list of things you can read on the john today.
And no, I’m not just linking them up because they linked to me. I’m linking them up because they apparently think I’m “good people.”
Don’t forget – ACC Tournament games today! They start at noon with Maryland-Clemson. The Terps need a win to feel good about getting a bid. Same with NC State in the 2:30 game (although one win may not be enough). For that matter, Miami could say the same thing about their 7pm game against Virginia. The Canes need at least one win. Should make for some tense games today.
Hmm, I think I’m coming down with something. Cough. Cough. Maybe I should just go home for the day.

Remembering Randolph – Again

About this time last year, I was thinking of an article I could write on the upcoming ACC Tournament. I had just started my site a few weeks earlier, so anything I wrote would be critically analyzed by nearly a dozen readers. The only think I could think to write about was Randolph Childress’ amazing 1995 tournament.
One year later, that’s still the only thing I can think of. His performance just overshadows any other tournament memories I have.
So instead of coming up with something new, I’m going to point you to that article I wrote last year. Here ya go – Remembering Randolph.

Wonder Boy

Every year as part of the NFL combine, they administer an intelligence test to every draftee. You may have heard of the test – the Wonderlic. Basically, you have 12 minutes to answer 50 questions. Some are really easy and some are a bit tougher or require some math. You can take a 15 question sample here (Updated link).
NFLDraftScout.com has a list of all the guys who took the test and what they scored. The majority of players scored between 15 and 30.
The guy that really caught my eye was Miami’s Frank Gore. Gore scored a 6. A 6!!
Take that practice test and see how you do. I’d be shocked if any of my readers get fewer than 10 out of 15.
Gore got 6 out of 50!
Folks at the U must be proud.
And to think they turned Bobby Washington away for academic reasons (and NC State took him).
ps. The highest score for an ACC guy was Heath Miller, who got a 39, the third best score listed.

Weekend Roundup

I’m getting this out a bit late, so I won’t go into too much detail about the weekend games. If you haven’t read plenty about the big games yet, you probably don’t care to now either.
The best game of the weekend of course was the Duke-Carolina game. Great game. The first half was particularly fun to watch, as both teams came out with incredible intensity and the players were playing well. You rarely get both – emotion and execution (see the Wake-State game as evidence), but we had it on Sunday. J.J. Redick was nailing jumpers on one end of the floor while Sean May was tearing up the post on the other end. The second half got a bit rattier as both teams cooled off, but that was offset by the incredible ending. My wife had to leave the room after Lee Melchionni hit his three that put Duke up by nine. She couldn’t watch.

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