Elton Brown was one of the most unpopular basketball players in Virginia history. His whole career was an example of uninspired, selfish, lazy play. Brown has a lot of talent, at least on the offensive end, but could never seem to lay off the Ding Dongs enough to get in good shape. He’d get his points and rebounds here and there, but if anyone ever pushed on him, he wilted like a plucked daisy. On top of that, if anything ever went wrong – like if a coach had the crazy notion of holding Brown accountable for not playing hard – he openly moped.
Yesterday, Brown was arrested in Charlottesville for pulling out a gun when he was about to get in a fight over a woman. I don’t know how big the other guy is, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet that at 6’9″ and about 280 pounds (depending on whether this happened before or after lunch), Brown was much bigger than his opponent. But actually fighting would just be to much effort. Why not pull a gun instead?
And I love how a freaking behemoth like Brown felt the need to carry a gun around in Charlottesville. Have you ever been to C’ville? It’s about as rough as silk panties.
According to arresting officer Sgt. Polynice, Brown was released on bond.

Name That NBA Player

Slate has a very funny article up matching current NBA players to pickup hoops archetypes. Reggie Miller? He’s the guy who calls too may fouls. Sean Marion? He’s the guy with the funny shot that always goes in.
It’s great stuff.
I was trying to think of which NBA player was the fat guy who can’t run, but can shoot the lights out. He barely makes it back on D, but if you don’t stay in his grill, he’ll bury a bunch of threes on you. Back in the day, this would have been Chuck Person or Dennis Scott. Who is this guy now?
Of course, Ron Artest has to be Takes It Too Seriously Guy. The guy who goes nuts when his team loses, yells at his teammates and tries to start fights. Hey buddy, it’s pickup!
Vlade Divac is The Old Guy Who Knows Every Dirty Trick In The Book. This guy used to be able to play, but he’s too old to play straight up, but he’s a black belt in the ancient art of shirt tugging, arm holding and foot stepping. This guy always sweats way too much.
Big hat tip to the ACC Basketblog for finding this one for me.

Making Money The Old College Way

Michael over at Braves & Birds has a very interesting post up about a fascinating table published in the Orlando Sentinel.
The table lists the total revenues and expenses of (nearly) every Division 1 athletic program, along with the same numbers for just the women’s programs and football teams. Talk about your juicy data. You could chop this up a zillion ways and come up with lots of interesting observations.

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Who’s The Boss Now?

Danza on his melonI don’t like Tony Danza. In fact, I really don’t like Tony Danza.
He was fine as a simple-minded meathead on Taxi, but when he tried playing a good-hearted Renaissance man housekeeper on Who’s The Boss? Well, he made my skin crawl. That show literally made me angry (and of course, some college buddies loved it and so had it on all the time).
So, when I saw this video of Rusty Wallace flipping Danza over in a go-kart, I felt all warm inside. I’m guessing Wallace felt the same way I did about Danza’s ham-fisted attempts at humor on that crappy show. Atta boy, Rusty!

One Heel Stays

I was sure Steve Robinson was gone. I mean, the Tar Heel basketball program had already lost seven players and their radio color man (Mick Mixon to the Carolina Panthers). Surely an assistant coach would jump at a shot at being a head coach elsewhere.
Nope. Steve Robinson will stay at North Carolina and not take the Richmond job. The article mentions that he was never offered the job, but don’t believe. That’s just semantics. The job was his if he wanted it. I wonder what the salary difference is?
Robinson is an interesting story. He was a longtime assistant to Roy at Kansas and then left to become the head coach at Tulsa. As Tulsa is sort of a cradle of coaches, Robinson succeeded and quickly became a hot property. He jumped up to the ACC when Pat Kennedy was nudged out at Florida State. Robinson flopped at FSU. His teams didn’t play with much more discipline than Kennedy’s did, but he didn’t recruit as well as Pat did.
When Robinson was fired, he went back to Roy Williams’ staff. How weird is it that a former ACC head coach is now an assistant at a different conference school? I can’t think of another example of that in basketball. It happened at least once (twice, really) in football when Mike O’Cain joined UNC (and later Clemson) after getting the ziggy at NC State.
Anyway, I’d think that Robinson would jump at another chance. He’d certainly be a much better coach now after having a chance to reflect on what went wrong before. Evidently he either feels that he’s not quite ready or that he can do better than Richmond. I have no idea about the former, but I doubt the latter is true. Richmond is a fine lower mid-major program and would be a good place to rebuild a resume.

No Way, Fenway?

It’s been pretty quiet at Dave Sez this week. Just doesn’t seem to be much happening of interest in the world o’ sports. At least not much stuff I’m interested in. Or maybe it’s just post-NCAA Tourney burnout.
Anyway, I’m back – and with something a little different. I don’t normally post too much about baseball. It bores me. MLB is bad enough, but college baseball not only fails to show up on my radar, but you couldn’t find my interest with an electron microscope.
But still, this story is pretty cool. Evidently, the Red Sox have offered the use of Fenway Park for the ACC baseball tournament. Very cool! I have no idea how those chowderheads even knew there was an ACC baseball tourney. So, while the local college baseball players may toil in near-complete obscurity, at least they’ll have a chance to pretend they are in the bigtime.

Good Juan

I haven’t linked to Chris Chase’s site in a while, but he has a nice post today about Juan Dixon’s incredible game for the Wizards last night. Dixon came out of nowhere (relatively speaking) to explode for 35 points. ESPN showed a graphic saying he was just the fourth player in NBA history to go for over 30 in the playoffs after averaging less than 10 ppg during the season.
I don’t know how you can’t root for Juan Dixon. A great player with a great attitude and a great story.