The Word That Must Not Be Named

You’ve probably seen the story – Oklahoma baseball coach Larry Cochell was fired yesterday for twice using a racial epithet about one of his own players.
One interesting angle about this story was brought up by The Sports Frog and echoed over at the ACC BasketBlog. That point is that the national media is doing everyone a disservice by not mentioning what word was used. They either use the generic term “racial epithet,” or they do some variation of “n-word” or “n—–.”
Well, what Cochell really said was that freshman outfielder Joe Dunigan “has no nigger in him.” Cochell meant it as a compliment. Cochell is a backwards, ignorant ass.
When you refuse to use the whole word, or worse disguise it altogether, you give it power. It’s already a strong enough word; there’s no need to feed its strength by cowering from using it in a direct quote. I mean, it’s the word itself that got Cochell fired, so by not telling the user what he said (although we could all guess), they are hiding the real story.
Another aspect of reporting this way is that you protect the bigot who made the comment. Cochell deserves no protection. He said what he said – twice – and should be man enough to stand up to that.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Baby

Yeah boooooyyyyy!!Last night, the Phoenix Suns finished their predictable sweep of the crumbing Memphis Grizzlies. No real story there.
The interesting stuff actually happened after the game when wanna-be gangsta Jason Williams – excuse me, White Chocolate or is it just J-Will – pounced on a reporter who had dared write a negative article about him the day before. Evidently, one of J-Willie’s posse read the article to him before his game, because it certainly pissed him off.
There’s really not much sense in explaining more. You really need to watch it yourself. Just click on the Sports @ Your Desk link on this page. The good stuff happens about 1:35 into the clip.
Thanks to the Sports Frog for the link.