Extortion, Swindle And Prevarication Network

I’m not the first person to notice that the quality of ESPN’s program has steadily declined in recent years. Their anchors have all become smarmy, half-price Kenny Mayne clones (the excellent Fred Hickman excepted) and they seem to be trying hard to become the new MTV. Eventually, I expect that like how MTV never shows videos anymore, ESPN will eventually stop showing actual sports. Instead they’ll offer us endless variations of sportswriters yelling at each other and Stuart Scott trying hard to be cool while looking just to the side of the camera.
But despite my growing distaste for their programming, I never really considered them dishonest.
Until today.
Check out this post at Heels, Sox & Steelers. Despicable is the word for this. I would be pissed if a sleazy credit card or cable TV company tried this, but ESPN? Incredible.

One thought on “Extortion, Swindle And Prevarication Network”

  1. ESPN The Spam

    I’m not going to go into how bad ESPN programming has become; save a few anchors (Fred Hickman)
    and enjoyable screaming sportswriters (PTI). Dave Sez put it best when he says that ESPN is
    becoming MTV. Over at Heels, Sox and Steelers they recieved thwe…

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