Seminole Pinnacle

Three days – three Florida State football posts. Unfortunately, this one deals with neither delusions of grandeur nor tasers.
Michael of Braves & Birds has a very interesting post which he largely cribbed from another site. The original poster broke down the records of 14 elite college football programs over the past 12 seasons. He ranked them by overall record, by strength of schedule and by number of games versus top 10, 25 and 50 schools.
What the numbers show is that the Seminoles have had not only the best record, but also the most difficult schedule. Quite a combo!
As Michael points out, that FSU has had the toughest schedule flies in the face of the snooty football fanboys who think the ACC is too weak. Sure, the Noles play a great nonconference slate, with yearly tilts against Miami (a intraconference game now) and Florida, but the conference games have to also be a factor here.
Florida State also came in third, second (tied) and second in number of games against the top 10, 25 and 50. They had the best record (by far) against the top 25 and 50.
It’s been a pretty impressive run by the Seminoles even if you discount their recent divine leadership.

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