Bynum Turning Heads

Will Bynum was one of my favorite ACC players the last couple of years. He’s just an offensive terror. He’s short, but strong, quick and tenacious. I honestly think that he was the hardest player in the league to keep from getting to the rim – including Chris Paul and Raymond Felton. (On top of that, I think he might have been the player I’d least like to get in a fight with. Have you seen his guns?)
Bynum’s problem, in my view, is that he is a bit too aggressive as a point guard. He doesn’t get his teammates involved much and since he’s so dynamic with the ball, everyone else just stands and watches. When he’s got it going (like in the NCAA tourney in 2004), that works just fine, but if he’s not hitting, the whole team suffers.
All that said, he has a great NBA game. He can be an energy and offense guy off the bench. A modern Vinnie “Microwave” Johnson.
Gregg Doyel says that NBA folks are starting to agree with me. Evidently Bynum, a late addition to the Chicago camp, is tearing it up.
Doyel also has some updates on ACC players Eric Williams (will likely return to Wake Forest) and Jawad Williams (not looking good).

May Flowers

The ACC, led mainly by UNC and Duke had a heck of a month of basketball recruiting in May. I’ve already written a couple of pieces about their successes, but another school that did surprisingly well is Florida State. The Seminoles, coming off a dreadful season, outfought UNC for 2005 big man Uche Echefu and then took a player away from NC State. Aaron Holmes had previously “committed” to the Wolfpack, but fell sway to Leonard Hamilton’s magic and spurned Raleigh for the swamps of Talahassee.
Tim Stevens of the News & Observer breaks down the month’s haul here.
ps. The trend continues, as NC State yesterday landed guard Larry Davis. Davis is a 6’3″ combo guard out of New York and is ranked #73 in the 2006 class. Herb Sendek better delete Leonard Hamilton from Davis’ cell phone.