Finger Licking Good

Gary eating wings
Unlike the guys at 850 The Buzz, I don’t think this pic is terribly scandalous, but it is pretty damn funny.
He looks a bit drunk, but I think that’s just bad timing on the photographer. It does look like he’s in a college dorm or apartment though, which is odd.
Wanna guess what he’s saying?
“Hey ladies, you know I like the dark meat.”
“Mmm, nice thighs.”
“I’m NOT THE OTHER WILLIAMS! $#(*&$#*(&@@!!!”
“I eat more chicken any man ever seen.”
OK, that’s enough. I have more, but I’ll leave some of the easy pickins for you folks. Add ’em to the comments.
It looks like the pic came from here. You can see a much bigger version there as well.

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