The Road From Bristol

Sometimes the web gives us those annoying Punch The Monkey popups and sometimes it gives us the amazing Mahir (I kiss you!). The Road From Bristol is Mahir-quality; exactly the kind of quirky brilliance that Al Gore had in mind when he invented these here Internets.
The Road From Bristol is a 64-man tournament to find the most annoying ESPN personality. A very difficult task, but a beautiful way to accomplish it. Unfortunately, the site’s a bit difficult to follow as it is in blog form, but poke around a bit and you can get the jist. The full bracket is here. Notice the clever names of the regionals – Duke, Lakers, Cowboys and Yankees – Red Sox.
I could talk about the seedings and matchups here for hours, but I’ll stick with just my Final Four plus a few sleepers.
I like Skip Bayless to come out of the Duke regional. Sure Dick Vitale has the greatest annoyance potential of anyone in the bracket, but he does sometimes actually have real information and he also seems to like what he does. Bayless is annoying and worthless. Tough combo.
The Cowboys Regional is fairly weak, so I think Chris Berman will walk to the Final Four. His main competition is Sean Salisbury, but he gets him early and I think Berman will take him out. Remember when Berman was considered clever?
The two bottom brackets are both completely loaded. I mean, you have Screamin’ A Smith, Jim Rome, Paul Maguire, Bill Walton and Michael Irvin all in one bracket (Lakers)? And what about Stuart Scott, Jim Grey, Joe Theismann, Woody Paige and Jason Whitlock all in the Yankees – Red Sox Regional? Man.
I’m gonna go with Michael Irvin out of the Lakers bracket. I actually don’t hate SAS as much as many people. Yes, he yells like Irvin does, but at least he has something to say. Jim Rome would win in a walk if he was more of an ESPN guy. I think of him as a radio personality first.
As bad as Grey and Theismann are, Stuart Scott will easily breeze through the Y-RS Regional.
Look for Scott and Bayless to meet in the finals. I’d have Bayless win, but I bet Scott takes the “title.”
Hat tip to the Sports Frog for the find.

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