Who’s Next At Cincy?

The Cincinnati Enquirer has an article today listing a number of potential replacements for Bob Huggins at Cincinnati. Among the coaches listed are three from the ACC – Skip Prosser, Herb Sendek and Oliver Purnell.
Let me discuss.
Prosser – No F’n Way. Are they kidding? I thought Pittsburgh was nuts for going after him a couple of years ago, and that wasn’t a poisoned situation like Cincy now is.
Sendek – Extremely unlikely. He’s finally established a grudging amount of respect from Wolfpack fans. Why would he leave now? Things are going pretty well in Raleigh.
Purnell – Well, this one actually makes a little sense. Purnell came to Clemson from Dayton, so he knows the area. Unlike a move from Wake or State, Clemson to Cincy would be considered a step up in programs. I’m guessing he’d consider it.
This link has popped up all over the place today, but I saw it first at Yoni’s site, so he gets the credit. Actually, he does some pretty good anaylsis of his own, so you should check it out.

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