The Curse Of The Weinke

Caulton Tudor of the News & Observer wrote an interesting article yesterday about the apparent curse on Florida State quarterbacks.
FSU had a steady stream of great QBs up through Chris Weinke, the balding Heisman trophy winner. But ever since, although FSU still pulls in top high school signal callers every year, the Seminoles haven’t had good production at that position. Guys have failed in a number of ways – theft and gambling allegations (Adrian McPherson), baseball (Joe Mauer), home chemistry set explosions (Dan Kendra), Lyme (wink, wink) disease (Wyatt Sexton), parking in handicap spots and all-around stupidity (Chris Rix) and just plain-old underachievement (Fabian Walker and Marcus Outzen).
It’s a pretty amazing string. Pretty much any other ACC program outside of Miami would be ecstatic to have landed any of those recruits, yet none panned out for the Noles.
Strangely, I feel no pity.

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