TiVo Tips?

I upgraded to DirecTV a few months ago largely because I wanted a TiVo. Great decision; I love it and I only spend about $5 more per month than I did before. With two little boys, I don’t get to watch nearly as much live sports as I’d like, so watching them later is damn handy.
I need help figuring out a way to record all of the games I want. I already set up a rule to record all Virginia football and basketball games. That’s fine and it works pretty well, although it does also record West Virginia and Virginia Tech games (and shows about football or basketball).
What I’d really love though is an easy way to have it record, or at least find, all live football games (and eventually, basketball) involving ACC teams. Is this possible? Hell, is it even possible to have it find all live football games in a Wishlist? Then I could just pick through that list for the ones I really want. I can’t seem to find the magic incantation. I noticed that all games have the keywords of “event” and “live”, so I tried putting those words in a Wishlist, but it only found shows with those words in the title, which is pretty much worthless. If I just get everything that’s tagged with Football, it’s way too much stuff.
I know I can create a Wishlist for every team, but man, what a pain in the ass that would be. Not to mention messy. I’d have games in all sorts of different folders.
So, I ask you all, how do you use TiVo to record live sporting events (and yes, I’ve checked with google)? Who has tips? Leave them in comments. If I get some good advice, I’ll publish a new article with all the details.

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