Controversy Corner

For a couple of days now, I’ve planned on writing an article about the two big “controversies” this week in sports – Sheryl Swoopes coming out of the closet and Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry having to apologize for making comments about black athletes. I just never found the time to actually convert my thoughts to pixels on a screen. Someone needs to get that that thoughts-to-blog technology moving along. Chop, chop!
Aaaaaanyway … imagine my surprise when blog funny man Chris Chase tackled those very subjects (and one extra one for good measure) using almost the exact same arguments I was going to make. So read Chris’ article and pretend I wrote it. Actually, while you’re pretending that, go ahead and make it a bit funnier.
The Cliff’s Notes versions for those that don’t want to click-n-read – Swoopes is gay – not a big deal. Good for her.
DeBerry comments – not offensive at all. He merely pointed out a couple of facts that every single person in the world could (and probably does) recognize. How is that controversial? Are we really to a point where a white man in the public eye can’t even say anything about race? Is that what we want as a society?

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