Tommy Bowden Getting The Amato Treatment

Time for my yearly Tommy Bowden Is On The Hotseat article. Only this year, Jeff Quinton of Fanblogs already wrote it for me. He has a nice wrap up of just why Tiger fans are angry – losing at Wake for the second straight time, largely because of a very curious failed fake field goal attempt.
Fortunately for Tommy, he still has a sweet contract that will cost Clemson big money to buy out at a time when they are trying to raise cash for facility improvements.
On the other hand, Tiger fans have to be getting tired of this – they’re good, they’re bad, they’re good, they’re bad. To make things worse, and a bit more urgent, Steve Spurrier’s down the road in Colombia. Sure, his team sucks this year, but I think everyone assumes that he’ll get it rolling soon and you know how he loves to stick it to rivals.
If Tommy can’t right the ship soon (and the schedule is actually pretty favorable) and if it appears that they are losing ground to South Carolina, I bet that buyout won’t look like too big of a hurdle for IPTAY.

Name That Site 3

My first two Name That Site entries (1, 2) were pretty easy. I just wanted to get the ball rolling – let you see what it’s all about.
Now it gets tougher. I don’t think you’re gonna know this one right away. It ain’t a football stadium this time, but it’s still a building with critical ACC significance.
Anyone know what this is (click for larger view)?
What is this?
As before, I’ll wait several days before revealing the answer.
Update: Time for clues!
Clue 1: This building is not in an Atlantic Coast Conference state.