More Basketball Links From the DBR

I’m gonna catch yo (and my) ass up on hoops reading. First stop, the Duke Basketball Report. I’ve said it before, but they do a great job of following the whole ACC. If you could read only one site for ACC basketball coverage (and if you could put aside your Duke hatred), this would be the one.
All sorts of links about the ACC’s Operation Basketball.
And now for the DBR’s previews of each ACC team. I think you’ll find that they do a pretty thorough job.
Florida State
Virginia Tech
Boston College
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest
NC State
North Carolina
There. That should keep you busy for a while. You may have noticed that Duke is missing. I don’t think they’ve done that one yet. I can probably sum it up pretty succinctly though:
Duke – they’re going to be really, really good. If they don’t win a national title, they’ll probably be quite disappointed.


Football is great. I love it. It’s a great game and it comes at a great time of the year, just about when I’m positively sick of baseball highlights on ESPN.
But basketball is even better, especially here in ACC country. College hoops rules.
I’m way behind on my links to basketball articles. There have been many good ones on the Duke Basketball Report, Ken Pomeroy’s blog, Yoni’s College Basketball blog and elsewhere. I plan on going back and linking to many of those, but for simplicity I’m going to start with News & Observer’s ACC preview. This main article is about the Big Four, but they have previews of every team. Click through the stuff under the Related heading over on the right side of the page.
Gotta love it!