To Hate Like This

That article I linked to a few minutes ago was part of a series of excerpts that Inside Carolina is running about the soon-to-be-released book To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever, by Will Blythe. Evidently, Blythe has a number of short pieces that he couldn’t fit into the book and so he’s sharing with IC.
They are fantastic.
The first of his articles is one on Melvin Scott and other former college players trying to hone their games for some unknown future. It’s a great read.
Article III (the Chronicle one was II) is about UNC walk-on Philip McLamb.
Article IV is about going to a UNC-Duke game in Cameron (the most amazing athletic spectacle I’ve ever been to, by the way) and an encounter with Speedo Man.
I expect there will be one more piece today. I certainly hope so!

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