ACC Tournament – First Round

How weird is it that there are four games on Thursday? It just doesn’t seem right. It was mildly odd way back when Florida State joined the league and they had to add the one bastard child Thursday night game. Being the lone game made it stick out like a sore thumb, kind of like putting the bad teams in stockades in the town square. But then, that game became the Les Robinson Thursday Night Invitational Play-In Game, and that made it a bit more fun (unless you were a State fan).
But now, there’s a whole day of games, but without any of the best teams. It’s funky.
Funky, but fun. Instead of digging up a jillion links for to read through, I’m going to be lazy and point you towards The Duke Basketball Report’s page of links. They always do a good job of finding a lot of sources.
And for my brief, but amazingly insightful and accurate predictions of today’s games.
03/09/06 Clemson @ Miami – 12:00 PM
Clemson has been hot, and don’t forget what I wrote about their unmentioned, but still possible, chance at an NCAA bid. Yeah, it’s a long shot, but it’s there. I think the Tiggers will take out the stumbling Hurricanes.
03/09/06 Wake Forest @ Florida State – 2:30 PM
Wake has been playing somewhat better of late, but so has Florida State. The Seminoles need to win this game to sew up their NCAA bid, while Wake really has little to play for, except and outside shot at and NIT bid. Generally, when one team has more to play for and that team is the better team anyway, it’s an easy pick. But I have a nagging feeling that this game could be an upset.
Screw it, I’m ignoring my gut and going with my head on this one. Florida State.
03/09/06 Virginia Tech @ Virginia – 7:00 PM
I wish I could say that I think Virginia was going to take this game, but I can’t. The teams are fairly evenly matched – Tech has a better team, but Virginia’s had a better year. The Cavs won both regular season matchups, but both games were very close. It’s hard to beat a team three times in a season, particularly when the two teams are fairly evenly matched.
I think the Hokies will pull out a close win here (although I hope I’m wrong).
03/09/06 Georgia Tech @ Maryland – 9:30 PM
Maryland’s back is to the wall and they have the blindfold on, but the firing squad hasn’t shot yet. This game could be that “fire!” command, or it could mean that the blindfold comes off. The Terrapins are the better team and they should win this one. I think they will.

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