The Duke Lacrosse Imbroglio

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t yet written one word on the Duke Lacrosse team rape story. There’s a good reason for that. The story is so big, so controversial, so important, so complicated and so sensitive that I just haven’t felt like I could devote the time it would take to craft something that accurately conveyed my thoughts without unnecessarily stirring the pot even more. All this case needs is more attention.
That’s not to say that I haven’t been following the story. Far from it. I read as much as I can, trying to find out the truth. When I first heard the story, I was shocked and horrified, just like everyone else. Then, as I heard more and more details – and they’ve come very slowly – I started to have more and more questions about what we were hearing. Like in any complex situation, the first story you hear, especially when it comes from only one source, is never the whole and accurate truth.
Fortunately, I’ve found a blog that is doing a very good job of following all of the developments each day and viewing each with a critical eye. He seems able to punch holes in the claims and statements of both sides. Read through his posts and you’ll probably learn some things about the case that you didn’t know (like how that Ryan McFadyen email was actually a reference to the move “American Psycho”) and you’ll probably also think about some aspects that you hadn’t considered.

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