Name That Site 6

I was checking out my site today, replacing a few images that went missing in the Great Crash of Aught Six and it got me thinking about my Name That Site series. I haven’t done one in a while and dammit, it’s time. The problem was what to pick? I needed a good one. A hard one.
I think I found it.
The pic below, as always, is a landmark with some critical ACC history. Some have been current football stadiums or basketball arenas. Others have been sites critical to an ACC national championship. Can you figure out what this is? (click the pic for a larger view)
Name That Site 6
If you think you know the answer, leave it in the Comments. Also, feel free to go back to one of the previous contests (one, two, three, four, five) and have a guess at those. Since I lost all of my comments, those contests were all wiped clean. You can look like a genius!

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