Sunken Chest

(Still catching up on old stuff …)

I’ve done my share of Chuck Amato bashing on this site. It’s not that I hate the guy or think he’s a complete idiot, I just find him funny. Also, I can’t resist to poke sticks at his inflated ego and the inherited pride that so many Pack fans inherited his first few years when his charisma and showmanship hid the fact that he wasn’t really delivering on his promise.
But, despite all of that, I don’t think he’s the worst coach in the country. But Sports Illustrated’s Stewart Mandel does. He lists the top ten college footbal coaches in the country (the ACC has only Frank Beamer) and then the five worst. Chuckles came in dead last.
But don’t chortle too much, Carolina fans. Big John Bunting and his mustache were an honorable mention worst, along with Virginia’s Al Groh. Chan Gailey joined Amato as one of the first worst.
So if you’re keeping track at home, according to Mandel, the ACC has one of the ten best coaches in the land and four of then worst. Ouch.

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