Ranking the ACC Stadiums

FanBlogs has a link to a SportingNews.com article ranking the ACC football stadiums. As always, this sort of article is less about the actual picks than the discussion it generates. That said, I thik Matt Hayes did a pretty good job ranking the stadiums.
I think you could debate Lane vs. Doak vs. Death Valley forever and never settle on on order. Doak is the toughest simply because the Noles are the best program. Lane is probably the nastiest and possibly most intimidating. Memorial is the biggest and has the most history.
I’d say he overrates the Orange Bowl. The program? Great. The stadium? Poor. Attendance sucks for any non-FSU game and that’s just embarassing for a program of Miami’s stature.
I’d also say that he rates Kenan stadium too high. Yes, it’s a pretty setting but even in the Mack Brown days, it just wasn’t a really nasty crowd. Nowadays, the stadium is never full and has a ton of opposing fans.
Take this with a huge grain of salt, because I’ve only actually been to games at UVA, UNC, Duke and State, but here are my picks:
1. FSU (Doak Campbell)
2. Clemson (Memorial)
3. VT (Lane)
4. NC State (Carter-Finley)
5. UVA (Scott)
6. Miami (Orange Bowl)
7. Georgia Tech (Bobby Dodd)
8. UNC (Kenan)
9. BC (Alumni)
10. Maryland (Byrd)
11. Wake Forest (Groves)
12. Duke (Wallace Wade)

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