Blog Highlight – Every Day Should Be Saturday

Earlier today, I linked to Ed Zipper’s divorce notice for ESPN. The one problem with the idea of leaving the country’s foremost supplier of sports information and artificial cool is that you need to find a replacement. Fortunately in today’s Internet world, there are many places to look.
So maybe it’s time for a new feature, one that I’ve thought of doing for ages. At some indeterminate interval (hey, I’m not penning myself in here), I’m going to pick a worthy site (probably a blog) that you should be reading.
You already know about the big, famous ones like The Sports Frog and Deadspin and personal faves like ACC Basketblog, The Duke Basketball Report and StateFans Nation, so for my first pick I’m going elsewhere.
Every Day Should Be Saturday is a phenomenal college football blog written by guys calling themselves Orson Swindle and Stranko Montana. Swindle in particular has an unhealthy knowledge of the college game and is a damn funny guy.
A sampler of some recent goodness:
Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen looking, uh … available.
A fantastic series of posts on offensive line play. The prologue is here and it was followed up by two parts (1 & 2) of a three-part series written by former NFL lineman Jim Richards. Great stuff here that you just don’t find most places. Why, it’s nearly as good as Bobby P’s Eleven series!
UT Recruit Allegedly Improved Grades With Penis
The Troy State offensive linemen will regret this series of pictures for the rest of their lives.
Love for the Sackrider.
OK, that’s enough. I think you get the point. Some seriously good stuff there. Who needs the WWLIS anyway?

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