Laces Out!!

Perhaps you’ve been following the drama surrounding UNC’s quarterback for the upcoming season.  Actually, probably not.

The situation is that, UNC has only two guys who are viable candidates, Joe Dailey, who transferred from Nebraska and Cam Sexton, a redshirt freshman.  Now, normally when a school like Carolina has a transfer from a school like Nebraska, it’s a no-brainer. He played – started even – for Nebraska?  Get that kid on the field!  But with Dailey, it’s not that easy.  Yes, he started for a whole season for the Huskers, but he threw more interceptions than touchdowns and he lost his job the following spring.  Didn’t just become the backup, he fell to fourth string.  Ouch.

But now he’s in Chapel Hill and apparently he’s the starter, although they are going to play both guys.

So why am I writing about this?  Because of this picture, found at the Sports Frog –>

Good googily moogily!  What is he doing?  Not only is the form kooky-looking, but look at the ball!  Uh, Joe?  The laces are there for a reason.  I know that some QBs like to put their fingertips on the laces and some prefer to have them more under the first knuckle, but completely facing the other way?

If that guy won the quarterback battle, I have a hunch it’s going to be (another) long year in Chapel Hill.

Now THAT’s A TV!

GodzillatronHoly crap!  That right there is one big ol’ television set! 

The University of Texas decided to celebrate their 2005 National Championship by buying the largest Hi-Def screen in the world and sticking that thing above their stadium.  I wonder how many times the players will miss what’s going on in the huddle to watch their 50-foot-tall image?

Maybe Duke should put something like that in Wallace Wade.  They could show other games during their games.  They’d probably finally sell some tickets.  Ooh, or they could put The Lion King or Ice Age up there and see if they can’t get some families to bring their kids.

Thanks to 850 The Blog for the find.

ACC Football Preview – Haiku-style

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ACC football season starts up this weekend. Actually, strike that. The season starts on Thursday night when Boston College takes on the mighty Chippewas of Central Michigan. That’s in just two days!
I never got around to putting together a proper ACC football preview, and honestly did you really need another? The Internets are full of them. So, I figured I’d do it a bit differently. I present to you, Dave’s ACC Football Preview Haikus*:

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State Got Lucky

You may remember a few months back when NC State’s coaching search got all hot and heavy with Memphis coach John Calipari.  I pointed out that the many Wolfpack fans who were so excited about his impending hire – and it did seem like a sure thing – should be careful what they were wishing for.  The man may be a great recruiter and a good coach, but he’s a snake.  He runs a shady program with an incessant odor of scandal and controversy.

Well, consider this most recent story out of Memphis as a big WHEW! for the Red and White nation. Just think, these sorts of stories could have been (and would have been) coming out of Raleigh in the coming years. Winning just isn’t worth it. Hopefully Sidney Lowe can make you all forget your brief fling with the devil.

Thanks to the Sports Frog for digging up that outstanding article.

America, F$*& Yeah!

Team America
The US men’s basketball team completed their preliminary round at 5-0 and won their first knock-out game yesterday by 40 points over Australia. I think it’s safe to say (again) that these guys are quite a bit better than our recent pro teams.
There are still two main concerns for our guys though – half-court offense and half-court defense. Get an uptempo game with lots of running and we’ll destroy any team in the world – any team. But we still have our limits in a more controlled game; after all, our team really hasn’t been together for very long.

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Track Is Dead

Ned Barnett of the News & Observer wrote a nice piece this weekend about how the local track empire of Trevor Graham is in ruins. You could take Barnett’s article and take it a step or two further – the entire sport of track and field – like cycling – is rubble. There was a time after the post-Ben Johnson rules changes when I thought it was largely cleaned up. I knew that some athletes still doped, but not everyone. After the allegations of the past couple of years that include positive tests and/or bans of Tim Montgomery (the one-time 100m world record holder), Justin Gatlin (the current 100m world record holder) and now Marion Jones (by far the biggest name in women’s track and field), it’s clear that everyone is cheating. They have to be. If those at the top are cheating, there’s no reason to believe that the less talented folks are clean. If US athletes can find ways to get the drugs they need, how hard can it be in other countries that have much less regulation in their pharmaceutical industries?
The sport is completely broken. No performance is to be trusted. Maybe the whole sport needs to take a year off while they figure out what can be done. Do they boost their drug testing? Maybe require every single athlete to give a monthly drug test plus one just after each meet? And then store those samples for five years or more in case better tests come available?
Or maybe instead they should just give up their hopeless chase and let the athletes compete with whatever chemicals they can find. Make it like NASCAR – you have a driver and a pit crew. At least that way, it’d be more honest.
Something has to be done, because the sport couldn’t be less interesting or more disgraceful at this point.

A Beautiful Game

Do you love basketball?
Do you like basketball?
If so, then you owe it to yourself to watch the US team play in the FIBA World Championships. Yeah, the games are at bad times, but set your TiVo (get one first, if you don’t. You MUST have a Tivo.) and thank me later. Our boys have played twice so far, wins over Puerto Rico and China, and have three more games before they move on to tournament play.

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Random Dribblings …

If I had to rank the 2002 national championship Maryland Terrapins in order of “most likely to be arrested for firing a gun out of a moving car,” I’d probably have gone something like this:
1. Byron Mouton
2. Billy Hahn
3. Chris Wilcox
4. Steve Blake

12. Hassan Fofanananadana (I know – he wasn’t really on the team, but I love that name)

18. Lonny Baxter
19. Juan Dixon
So just what the hell was Baxter doing firing off a gun near the White House? Or even driving a car where someone else was firing a gun? What a moron. I thought he was better than that.
The guys at ACC Basketblog did an interesting rundown of the final roster of the US Basketball Team:
1. Nuggets F Carmelo Anthony, Age: 22.
2. (ACC) Rockets F Shane Battier, Age: 27.
3. (ACC) Raptors F Chris Bosh, Age: 22.
4. (ACC) Clippers F Elton Brand, Age: 27.
5. Bulls G Kirk Hinrich, Age: 25.
6. Magic C Dwight Howard, Age: 20.
7. Cavaliers F LeBron James, Age: 21.
8. (ACC) Wizards F Antawn Jamison, Age: 30.
9. Hawks G Joe Johnson, Age: 25.
10. Kings C Brad Miller, Age: 30.
11. (ACC) Hornets G Chris Paul, Age: 21.
12. Heat G Dwyane Wade, Age: 24.
Broken down by college (or not) conference:
ACC – 5
Straight Outta High school – 2
Big East – 1
Big 12 – 1
SEC – 1
Big 10 – 1
Conference USA – 1 (note that Marquette wasn’t in the Big East when Dwayne Wade played there. In fact had he not gone there and taken them to the Final Four, Marquette probably would still be in Conference USA.)
Sure it’s a coincidence, kinda like this stat, but it sure looks good for the ACC, doesn’t it?
Speaking of the ACC Basketblog, they’ve been doing an OUTSTANDING job lately linking to stories from around the web about ACC football. I’ve been meaning to put together a post with links to good previews, but if I don’t get around to it, just check out their daily links. Pretty amazing how much they find each day. Where do they find the time? Maybe they’re homeless.
The N&O had a nice article this morning on the ACC basketball schedules that came out yesterday. The ACC – Big Ten Challenge looks a bit ho-hum this year outside of that colossal UNC – Ohio State game. That one should be a lot of fun, at least if Greg Oden plays.
The Internet and Google love Bobby P’s Eleven series of football articles. The #1 result on Google for “zone blocking” is none other than Eleven Chapter 4 – Zone Blocking. It beats out similar entries from and Wikipedia. Maybe Notre Dame should have hired Bobby instead of Bob Davie.
The article on the zone blitz? #2 on Google.
The Cover Two? Got the #1 position locked up for that one too!

The Little Four

I have to try harder not to fall behind on my David Glenn reading. Glenn has a nice post about North Carolina’s “Big Four” ACC teams and how (and why) they are struggling right now in football.
The most interesting part of his post is the section where he breaks down the number of Division 1 football prospects by state compared to the number of Division 1 teams in that state. Glenn estimates the numbers, but I’d love to see some actual figures. If I had more time, I’d see if I could compile that myself from current college rosters. Maybe it could be collected from or some other big site using a tool like Bukster.
Anyway, the bottom line of Glenn’s point, and one that I’m sure the actual numbers would corroborate, is that the state of North Carolina just isn’t well-situated to support a consistent, major program. There simply aren’t enough good players to go around compared to schools in states like Georgia or Florida. In fact, NC might just be the toughest location for any BCS team.