ACC Football Preview – Haiku-style

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ACC football season starts up this weekend. Actually, strike that. The season starts on Thursday night when Boston College takes on the mighty Chippewas of Central Michigan. That’s in just two days!
I never got around to putting together a proper ACC football preview, and honestly did you really need another? The Internets are full of them. So, I figured I’d do it a bit differently. I present to you, Dave’s ACC Football Preview Haikus*:

Boston College
Nobody notices.
BC regularly wins.
Good. Not great. Again.
In the good ole days,
Clemson loved to run the ball.
James Davis, throwback.
One and eleven
That’s a reasonable goal.
Get Coach Spurrier!
Florida State
Studs leave, studs fill in.
Weatherford is in year two.
The Noles will be strong.
Georgie Tech
Calvin Johnson, Yeah!
Reggie Ball, he’s exciting!
Chan Gailey… Oh well.
Hollenbach is back
The running game should be good
Fridge again genius?
Good QB. Fast studs.
Long rap sheets. And rap songs too.
The ‘Canes never change.
North Carolina
Bunting’s seat is hot.
Heels run. Can they stop others?
The hoops team is good!
North Carolina State
Woof, woof. Hype, hype. Thud.
With defensive studs gone, Can
State win with the run?
Al Groh lost a lot;
Coaches, players, recruits too.
Not good for winning.
Virginia Tech
Vickless and Tappless.
No matter, the defense shines.
Tech has best coaches.
Wake Forest
Never enough studs.
Barclay and Randolph have left.
Wake will still compete.
* Yes, technically these aren’t haikus, but it’s tough to weave the whole nature thing into football previews.

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