Laces Out!!

Perhaps you’ve been following the drama surrounding UNC’s quarterback for the upcoming season.  Actually, probably not.

The situation is that, UNC has only two guys who are viable candidates, Joe Dailey, who transferred from Nebraska and Cam Sexton, a redshirt freshman.  Now, normally when a school like Carolina has a transfer from a school like Nebraska, it’s a no-brainer. He played – started even – for Nebraska?  Get that kid on the field!  But with Dailey, it’s not that easy.  Yes, he started for a whole season for the Huskers, but he threw more interceptions than touchdowns and he lost his job the following spring.  Didn’t just become the backup, he fell to fourth string.  Ouch.

But now he’s in Chapel Hill and apparently he’s the starter, although they are going to play both guys.

So why am I writing about this?  Because of this picture, found at the Sports Frog –>

Good googily moogily!  What is he doing?  Not only is the form kooky-looking, but look at the ball!  Uh, Joe?  The laces are there for a reason.  I know that some QBs like to put their fingertips on the laces and some prefer to have them more under the first knuckle, but completely facing the other way?

If that guy won the quarterback battle, I have a hunch it’s going to be (another) long year in Chapel Hill.

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