StateFans Nation is reporting that there’s a rumor buzzing around NC State’s campus that Chuck Amato has been fired. Keep in mind that SFN is making it clear that this is just a rumor with legs, not actual news. Not yet.
I hope it’s not true. I’ve been batting an Amato article around in my head all day and haven’t had a chance to write it yet. You know, because it’s all about how it affects me.


Looking for a little something special for your little something special this holiday season? Well, how about some music from basketball star and Christian crooner Jerry Stackhouse (scroll down a bit)?
Word on the street is that following the huge success of this limited release single, he has a new track hitting stores in January. It’s a cover of a classic – “Eight Days A Week.” The B-Side is a original, “Slapping Laettner On A Plane.”

Penultimate Football Weekend

With two weekends left of ACC football, only one half of the conference championship is set. Georgia Tech wrapped up the Coastal Division last weekend (and yes, I have to look up the names each time. It’s going to take a few years to get used to this divisional thing.), but Wake Forest, Maryland and Boston College all still have a shot at the Atlantic title.
Wake has the most control of their destiny. If they beat Maryland next weekend, they win go on the championship regardless of what they do tomorrow against Virginia Tech.
For Maryland to make it, they need to beat both BC and Wake in the next two weeks. Actually, they could also squeak in with a loss to BC, a win over Wake and a BC loss to Miami.

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On the eve of perhaps the biggest regular season game in Michigan football history, legendary coach Bo Schembechler passed away at the age of 77.
There are two very nice tributes at mgoblog and the Sports Frog. You have to wonder if this will affect the game at all tomorrow. Probably not too much, but you can be sure the Wolverines will come out on fire and sometimes there’s nothing better than having a single rallying cry and external motivator.

Farrakhan To Be A Cavalier

Dayo! I’m a little stunned here. The joke possibilties are overwhelming (would you say I have a plethora?). Mustapha Farrakhan, the grandson of calypso singer and National of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, has signed to play basketball at Virginia.
I guess it makes sense. Jesse Jackson’s son played linebacker for George Welsh in the early 90s.
Does Al Sharpton have any kids?
Think Farrakhan’s grandson would have signed to play for Pete Gillen?

ACC Basketball Review – 11/16/2006

How about a quick rundown of all the games played so far? Who’s up for that? I’ll sprinkle in some comments about the games of interest.
Tuesday, Nov. 7
Maryland 102, Hampton 75
Wednesday, Nov. 8
Maryland 81, Vermont 63
As I wrote about before, those are two nice wins for Maryland after struggling in their exhibitions. Of course that second win looks a lot better now than it did at the time.

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Fredo Bowden Steps Down

Just a couple of days after the unthinkable, being shut out by Wake Forest at home, Jeff Bowden has done the only sensible thing. He’s quitting. Godfather Bobby Bowden could stick up for his inept son for only so long.
I’m sure the folks in Tallahassee are dancing in the streets right now.
Sources say that in the lockerroom after Saturday night’s debacle, Bobby could be seen hugging Jeff and telling him “you broke my heart.”

Football recap

With basketball starting up and football nearing its conclusion, my head has been spinning with things I want to write about. To keep things easy for now, I’ll go with a quick recap of the week’s football games with some thoughts.
Clemson 20, NC State 14 – Yet another tough, close loss for NC State. If receiver Lamar Barrett’s foot had come down a few inches to the side late in the game, State would have won. Instead, they lost for the fifth straight time and clinched a second losing season for The Chest. Each of State’s five losses has come by one score or less. StateFans Nation has some of the pertinent stats from this game and season. They ain’t purty.

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The Greatest Ever

You hear the expression “in your wildest dreams, you never could have imagined it” a lot and it’s rarely true. I mean, like Han Solo, I can imagine a lot. Well, last Saturday’s 30-0 Wake Forest win over Florida State in Tallahassee absolutely qualifies. Seriously, even your most die-hard, longtime Deacon backers couldn’t have dreamed that. Sure, it was easy to imagine stealing a win down there – that would have been awesome! – but that dream probably involved some tight game with some big plays at the end. No way, no how, does anyone ever imagine shutting out Florida State.
If you consider the teams involved, the one program that is so far on top of the ACC’s historical rankings and the other that is so far at the bottom, and considering that FSU hadn’t been shut out in 17 years – 30 years on their own field – and considering that the final margin was 38 points off of Vegas’ prediction, I think that game qualifies as the most amazing result I’ve seen in ACC football in the 20+ years I’ve been paying attention. It wasn’t the most important game; that was either the 1990 Georgia Tech win over #1 Virginia when Tech went on to win the national championship (can you believe that? Two different ACC teams ranked #1 in the same year and neither were from Florida.) or the huge 1995 Virginia win over Florida State that showed the ACC that the Seminoles, like the Predator, bled and therefore could be killed.
So go on you Deacon fans. Celebrate! Even if the rest of the world isn’t paying attention, those of use who really know see what your team is doing. They’re living the dream.