Texas Talent

In today’s world where the ACC has swollen to 12 teams and most of the games are televised, it’s quite easy to lose track of what’s going on in other parts of the country. It’s not that you don’t care, it’s that you just don’t have time. Well, let me offer you a tip. Texas freshman Kevin Durant is good. Really good. He’s not just the best freshman in the nation, he might just be the best player, period.
Check out this table (stolen from that Sports Frog link above) of Durant’s recent games:
28 points and 13 boards against Oklahoma
34 points and 13 boards against Missouri
37 points and 16 boards against Colorado
26 points and 8 boards against Tennessee
28 points and 13 boards against Arkansas
21 points and 9 boards against Michigan State
29 points and 10 boards against Gonzaga
10 points and 11 boards against LSU
And that doesn’t even count his 37 and 12 from last night’s classic against Oklahoma State. I mean, look at those numbers! The kid leads the Big-12 in both scoring and rebounding (by wide margins). He can shoot – he’s eighth in field goal percentage, third in free throw percentage and eighth in three point field goal percentage – and he can defend – fourth in blocked shots. It’s just staggering what he’s doing.
And how about this for a thought – Durant was thisclose to going to UNC! Can you imagine a frontcourt of Tyler Hansbrough, Brandan Wright and Kevin Durant? Scary.
OK, now you can go back to only paying attention to the ACC.

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