Falling Eagles

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about Boston College kicking Sean Williams and Akida McLain off the team. McLain hardly played this year, but Sean Williams was one of the top shot blockers in the country and had had several monster games recently. Clearly the loss will hurt BC, but as Ken Pomeroy points out in this great observation piece, the loss will very likely be overstated. BC is 5-0 in the ACC, but four of those games have been against the four worst teams in the league. Their two toughest ACC games, Virginia and Maryland, were both at home.
The Eagles are now entering a part of their season where their schedule gets noticeably tougher. According to Pomeroy’s stats, BC would be favored in only three of their eleven remaining ACC games and one of those (home against Clemson) is basically a push. And that’s using the Eagles’ rating with Williams.
It’s debatable how much losing Sean Williams will hurt BC, but it’s quite likely that their season would have appeared to be heading down whether he played or not.

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