Scouting The ACC

Sports Illustrated‘s Seth Davis has an interesting article up with quotes from various NBA scouts about college players they like or dislike.
A brief synopsis of the ACC players mentioned:
Tyler Hansbrough – not athletic enough
Jared Dudley – probably can’t play in the NBA
Sean Singletary – concerned about his halfcourt game
Josh McRoberts – at best, a Toni Kukoc
Brandan Wright – an obvious lottery pick
Wayne Ellington – hasn’t shown NBA ability
JR Reynolds – too small to play the NBA 2
Javaris Crittenton – intriguing, but a bit too selfish
Thaddeus Young – not as good as expected
All, in all, the ACC didn’t fare too well in the comments. But then, most of the comments were negative, so take that with a grain of salt.
In my admittedly worthless opinion, Wright is by far the best prospect in the ACC. The other guys I’d expect to make it:
Ty Lawson (but he’s nowhere near ready)
Singletary (although I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t make it)
Hansbrough (not a star, but if he can expand his shot, he could be a Matt Harpring)
McRoberts (maybe)
Sean Williams (the body alone will get him in. He should be a Trailblazer.)
Al Thornton (he has all the tools, but needs to be a bit better at everything)
Crittenton (too good not to)
Young (needs to learn to assert himself)
There are a ton of other guys who could make it, but have a lot of work to do to get there.
(hit tip to ACC Now for the find)

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