ACC Video Of The Day

This one comes courtesy of StateFans Nation. They have a piece up about what they call “The worst call in NCAA Tournament history,” when Rick Hartzell whistled Chis Corchianni for a phantom traveling violation. The video they include is pretty damn conclusive – no travel. Not even close. It wasn’t even one of those times where a guy takes long, awkward strides that looks like a travel until you see the replay. No, this one looked legit the first time and everytime thereafter.

Of course, you already know my feelings about Rick Hartzell.

One sidenote about this game is that it marked Jim Valvano’s last NCAA Tournament game. The NCAA placed the Wolfpack on probation for the 1990 and 1991 seasons, barring them from postseason play. Valvano was fired in March of 1990, leading to a decade-long slump for NC State basketball.

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