Was Matt Doherty Wrong?

Leave it to SportsByBrooks. The “sports” site most famous for its copious pictures of the … uh … gifted SportsByBrooks girls has dug up a pretty compelling video of the rarest of species, an attractive female Duke student/fan. Now, I’m sure that statement will upset some folks, but just watch the video. The young lady modestly makes this same claim herself.
I should add that while this chick is fairly attractive at first, that all goes out the window when she opens her mouth. Out of her glossy lips come some of the most arrogant, insipid and obnoxious words you’ll ever hear. Frankly, I didn’t think she was really a student at Duke until she makes a comment about having a class with Josh McRoberts. God knows how this girl and her sidekicks got in.
By the way, listen for the description of the heretofore glamorized Krzyzewskiville tent-dwellers as “refugees.” Nice.
Hat tip to Joe Ovies at 850 The Blog for the find. I’m sure he was reading SBB for the articles.

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