Tragedy In Blacksburg

I’m sure you’ve seen the story by now. A gunman went crazy at Virginia Tech today and killed over 30 people, including himself. It’s just mind boggling. It’s hard to understand how one person could do so much damage.
From what I’ve read, he went first to a dorm, looking for his girlfriend. When he couldn’t find her, he shot her roommate and maybe the RA. At least one person was killed in the dorm. He got away from there and as police were investigating, he showed up in another building. The rumor is that he was still looking for his girlfriend, this time in a classroom. In that room, and maybe in several, he started shooting and that’s where he killed most of his victims.
My thoughts are with those in Blacksburg and the families of all of those affected. We make fun around here sometimes, but it’s just that – fun. My family lived in Blacksburg when I was born and later in Radford, where the shooter was evidently from. No place deserves this sort of tragedy, but sometimes it feels even more real when you have a tie, no matter how tenuous.

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