Terps To Lose Scholarships?

When the NCAA released its 2007 APR report last week, it generated the usual slate of articles looking at how local schools fared. Those that did well were praised and excuses were generally provided for those who didn’t do well. Normally I would have written something about the report, but it just seemed repetitive this year and no ACC schools seemed to be in serious trouble.
Well, I was wrong. Maryland basketball is in a bit of hot water. According to The Baltimore Sun, as paraphrased at AOL’s NCAA FanHouse, two of Maryland’s seniors this year are not on track to graduate. If either of them fails to catch up and earn his sheepskin on time, the Terps will fall below NCAA standards and be punished by losing two scholarships. Ouch. Two scholarships is a pretty serious penalty, but on the plus side, think of all the extra excuses it could provide Gary Williams!

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