I’m Back

Yawwwwn.  Strrrrrrrrrretttttch.  So, what did I miss?  Anything?


[Thumbing through the news of the last couple of months …]  OK, it looks like a few things happened while I was napping.  Guess this is as good of a time as any to shake off the cobwebs and get back to it. 


But not just yet.


First, I want to do a little self-promotion.  As you may recall from a previous post and that little box over there to the left, I have a little side-bidness called BrightCar.  Well, BrightCar has a big 50%-off sale coming up on Tuesday, July 24.  We are running a promotion in conjunction with a cool little site called Bits Du Jour.  BDJ(as the cool kids call it) is a site that advertises one software product per day at a drastically reduced rate, like a software version of Woot.com.  Well, BrightCar is going to be that product this coming Tuesday.


If you want in on this, and I know you do, you can either go to BitsDuJour.com, check out the coupon on the BrightCar site or just go to the BrightCar purchase page and enter BitsDuJour as your referral code.

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