FSU and MD Screw the Pooch

One month ago, it was a given that the ACC, the best conference in the country, was going to get seven NCAA bids.
Things have changed.
FSU lost to Duke last night to drop to 6-9 in the conference, with only a game at GT left. Looks like 6-10 for them.
Maryland has done even worse, falling to 5-9 with a game at NC State and a home game against UVA. Barring a big upset, they’ll probably finish 6-10, although UVA has been coming on strong of late.
I wouldn’t be too sure that 6-10 will get anyone in. I don’t think it should, frankly. And remember, the NCAA committee could care less about giving a certain number of bids to any conference. They look at each team separately. Just because the ACC is clearly the strongest conference this year, they won’t get any favors on Selection Sunday. If the chips fall favorably, a 6-10 might get a bid based on their overall season, but there’s no way that two teams do.