Barry Bonds

Now, normally I don’t care too much about baseball. I used to follow it, but decided that it just bores me now and I don’t have the time for it.
But one thing I always have an interest in is insincerity, especially when it pertains to sports.
This Barry Bonds and steriods things has gone off the charts. For some reason, now that there are formal charges going on all around, people seem to be afraid to make the terribly obvious observation that the guy is juiced like an East German swimmer. Instead, reporters just want to needle him (and other bulked up apes like Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield), asking him questions around the main topic without ever saying the obvious.
Well, I’ve had enough. Barry Bonds takes steriods and God knows what else, and he’s been doing it for a while.
Let’s take a look at the signs of steriod use:
1. The player is abnormally huge – check.
2. The player didn’t used to be abnormally huge – check.
3. The player went from normal sized to abnormally huge in a small period of time – check.
4. The player’s performance suddenly jumped up another level – check.
5. The player seems to actually get better at an age where he should be declining – check.
6. The players head has gotten so huge that his batting helmet sits on top like a chicklet on a pumpkin – check.
7. The player’s trainer and “nutrionist” are indicted on federal charges of distributing steriods, including modern ones that can’t yet be tested for – check.
I think you get the point. Let’s just stop beating around the bush, saying things like “I don’t know if Barry is on ‘roids or not” (actual Jim Rome quote) and move on.
ps. We may actually be getting closer to this point – (Bonds Implicated)

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