Virginia on the Bubble?

No one say a word, but with an 84-82 win over #11 Wake Forest tonight, UVA has moved up onto the NCAA bubble. They are now 6-9 in the ACC. Their only remaining regular season game is at Maryland. It would be yet another upset, but considering they have beaten Georgia Tech, UNC and now Wake in the second half of the season, it’s not unimaginable. If Virginia did manage to win that game, they’d be 7-9 and very tough to overlook for a bid.
This late season run by UVA has to rank as one of the most surprising stories of the season, in a season full of surprises. A month ago, UVA looked dead, and everyone was ready to bid farewell to Pete Gillen. Now, they have not only secured an NIT bid, but they are one win away from a likely NCAA bid. Pretty amazing stuff.

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