UGA Academics

Now, I’ve known that Jim Harrick was a snake for a long time. He showed his true nature way back when he was UCLA. He basically dared them to fire him by filling out a faked expense report to cover up an illegal recruiting dinner and then lied to his boss about it. To repeat, he lied about his lie about his cheating. Three strikes and he was out.
Then, at Rhode Island, he skipped town just ahead of the federales when the odor of the Lamar Odom situation started getting strong. (And we all know what that odor was – puff and pass, Lamar, puff and pass).
Lastly, his career finally imploded at Georgia when he and his boy did all kinds of cheating and finally got caught. At first, he did the only honorable thing, by pinning it all on his son. That didn’t do the trick though, and they booted him out on his smarmy ass. When an SEC school kicks you out for cheating, you know you’re a cheater!
One of the many infractions at Georgia was the fake class that little Jimmy Jr. “taught.” Fortunately for all of us, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution got hold of the final exam from this class. See if you can pass!

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