More Smoke

An article in today’s News & Observer contains a piece of evidence I didn’t have when I wrote my article about Marion Jones. Here is the blurb that got my attention:

BALCO documents being studied by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency were released Tuesday by lawyers for Jones. They include a 2001 training calendar bearing the initials M.J. The calendar contains letter-codes that could be a guide for taking the steroid THG, a drug designed to avoid detection.

Hmmm. Now, that’s a bit mysterious, just being initials and saying that the letter-codes could be about THG. M.J. is a pretty common set of initials. That said, it’s just more smoke around Marion. Is there a fire under there, or is it just the fires of her burning acquaintances? I still don’t know, but it’s getting harder to have faith that she’s clean.

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