More Fifth Year Talk

It’s possible that a fifth year of eligibility for football could come as early as next year. A great point brought up in this article that I missed in my earlier writings is that a large percentage of football players already play five years. They redshirt their first year and then play four, many as grad students in their last year. So an extra year of eligibility isn’t that earthshattering. It might help guys who don’t redshirt and don’t graduate in four years – that extra year could be huge for them. The big question would be what to do about career records, but honestly that’s a minor deal. There’s been some discussion of the five year stuff in the Sports Shack.
Another section of this article talks about choosing a site for the upcoming ACC football championship game. They list several possible cities, including Baltimore and Washington, DC. Let me tell you, it’s NOT going to be in either of those places. They’re too cold and not central enough. My guess is they’re just in the list to appease sponsors and maybe to finagle some extra free trips.

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