Say What, Bill?

I’ve linked to a lot of Bill Simmons articles here. You might call me a fan. He’s a great writer, a rare combination of funny and knowledgeable. In yesterday’s Mini-Cowbell (that’s the name of his column) though, he had an aneurysm.

With that said, I will never, ever, EVER figure out why LeBron wasn’t playing 30-to-35 minutes a game. There is no answer. There will never be an answer. With the way Larry Brown inexplicably buried LeBron and Carmelo — his best athlete/passer and his best shooter — it seems curious why he didn’t want the No. 1 and No. 3 picks in the 2003 Draft to succeed in Athens. Until you remember that he’s coaching the No. 2 pick from that same draft.

I can only assume that he got hold of a bad batch of Sourpatch Kids. I mean, really Bill. Don’t you think that if Larry Brown wanted to prove something about Darko Milicic he would have actually played him some? Do you really think he’d jeapordize the gold medal for something that petty? That’s weak.

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