It Cuts Both Ways

You always hear coaches bitching about losing oral commitments. Players say they are going to Ole State U in the fall and then sign with Adjacent State Tech in the spring. Call it pulling a Curry.
Well, it aint just the players who use this maneuver. Coaches do it too, pulling scholarhip offers from players they no longer feel are worthy. This Gregg Doyel article focuses on three players who had this happen to them via John Calipari (shocker!) and Bobby Knight (shocker!).

Durham Dynasty Endures

In case you had any delusions to the contrary, Duke is still Duke. They’re sending guys to the NBA left and right, but the talent keeps pouring in. Yesterday, 6’6″ Jamal Boykin announced his intention to matriculate at Duke. I couldn’t find an exact ranking for Boykin, but according to this article, he’s not top-20. From everything I’ve read though, he’s not too far from that. He’s just what you want, a guy who’s not quite NBA ready, but could be a college star. Add him to Duke’s two stud signees, and they once again have what is probably the top class in the country.
The one catch could be #1 rated recruit Josh McRoberts who may well decide go Livingston on Duke and take the money straight away.

ACC Football Revenue

This is an interesting list of how much football revenue each ACC school (including Miami and Virginia Tech last year. The four unabashed football schools are the top four earners, with Clemson at the top.
Some of the relative rankings are curious, like UNC earning over $5m per year more than State. I believe their stadiums are about the same size and State had a much better year on the field.

Carolina Dreamin’

This is a fairly benign little article about Lou Holtz the state of the South Carolina football team. But then, the author, Michal Lough drops in this doozy:

If South Carolina wasn’t yanked out of the ACC by the brilliant-in-his-own-mind Paul Dietzel almost 40 years ago, the Gamecocks would be at Florida State’s level in football and Duke in basketball. USC was a hoops powerhouse, something Dietzel hoped to match by going independent. Hah.

Sure, South Carolina made a huge mistake in leaving the ACC (and the ACC thanks them). No doubt. But, Gamecock football = FSU and Gamecock basketball = Duke? Pardon me while I choke on my barbecue.
Other Nostradamic revelations by Lough that would have come to pass if SC hadn’t escaped the ACC:

  • Columbia, not Atlanta, would be the biggest and most prosperous city in the south.
  • When you say “Carolina,” people in more than one state in the union would think you mean South Carolina.
  • When you say “USC,” people in more than one state in the union would think you mean the University of South Carolina.
  • The Giant Peach would be a cultural landmark on par with the Eiffel Tower or St. Louis Arch.
  • People outside of the Carolinas would know and appreciate yellow sauce barbecue.

Tudor Confuses Himself

Caulton Tudor has an article up where me makes the argument that the parity of the new ACC football will hurt it. First, he says that too many good teams will make it difficult for the second place team to have enough wins to get an at-large BCS spot. Then, he also complains about the weak non-conference schedules of teams.
Caulton, this isn’t basketball. There’s no committee looking at your non-conference schedule. Most ACC teams now play enough good in-conference games. It’s your overall schedule that matters. If you go through this league with one loss, you’re damn good regardless of whether or not you played Furman for Homecoming.
His base argument, that the league may be toogood is downright silly. Do you think leagues that got two BCS bids in the past weren’t good? If you want to get a BCS bid, you have to win games and beat good teams. I’m not a proponent of expansion, but even I can see that the ACC has at least one more team with the ability to do that.